Writing a friend in jail

sample letter of support for inmate

I would just write what you've written here - Hi Bill, you've always been there for me. The point is to help bridge the gap to the real world with descriptions.

how to write a love letter to someone in jail

Tell him what's going on in your life provided this wasn't a scary, violent thing? So, just be chatty.

how to write to a prisoner you dont know

How about them Dodgers? If you know this friend well, you should already have handful of things that you enjoy discussing. It isn't some elephant in the room that you have to avoid, but it isn't the only facet of his existence either. Most Recent. Send photos and letters with funny uplifting stories of what is happening in your life.

Make sure you check the letter guidelines -- sometimes there are page limits or other weird limits. You already know about this service! I was desperately lonely and homesick, and reading about home in that way satisfied some of my cravings.

What to say to someone facing jail time

Please take this for what it's worth, but some prisoners will try to work the system through outside contacts; for example a prisoner may ask you to help him communicate with another prisoner, by passing a message this happened to me. You may also want to send photographs of the child and copies of things such as report cards and school work. He liked hearing about mundane, every day things. I thought he'd like to see the hospital photos of the nurse giving junior his first bath but naked photos of 1-hour-old infants are still photos of naked children. It was that I was talking at all, and that he still felt a part of the outside world. Mail call is disappointing when an anticipated letter doesn't arrive. He is likely sensorily deprived in some sense. Add humorous or inspirational quotes. I needed jokes. In this paragraph or section, begin to ask questions for the inmate to answer. For some people it can be difficult finding ways to get a letter started to an inmate who is incarcerated. When you can't go out into the world and see it for yourself and you have no life, ordinary daily life is like a forbidden fruit that you hunger for. We couldn't send care packages. Sure, there are people all around you, but it takes a while to learn who is trustworthy. You don't want to sound like an awkward outsider.

He didn't make many calls, but it was good that he knew he could. Keep in mind that they have limited contact with the outside world and the inside world of the jail can be miserable and stressful for them. It doesn't have to be anything you would cringe at sharing with a total stranger.

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How to Console a Friend in Prison