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The Crucible: How is tension created and maintained between John and Elizabeth, and how does their relationship change? However, Elizabeth Proctor is the one character that Arthur Miller does not inform readers about. From Literature Resource Center.

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Such issues include the characterisation and portrayal of those in power; the driving motivations of a range of characters; the means through which characters achieve and maintain power; and how the role of power differences in relationships between characters At the beginning of the play Abigail and other girls are caught dancing nakedly with Tituba and it is assumed they are working for the Devil.

All great drama has a context and here the background is the religious history of the New World at the end of the 17th century.

i do not judge you the magistrate sits in your heart that judges you

However, in all fairness, Elizabeth is still married to John and has tried very hard to forget about what has happened; John has not been awfully supportive in this — he seems to just get agitated with her discussing it.

It made sense at the time for the Hollywood elite to become the targets of these accusations as they seemed to have the largest amount of influence over the people.

What we now know as the United States of America, but what was then just English Newfoundland had only recently….

How does miller establish and express the tension within the proctor household

John and Elizabeth Proctor realize their love for each other at the end of the play. In the play the actors use a distinct English accent. It were a cold house I kept. She can be unassertive, especially towards members of the community, for example, Mary Warren, whom she never stands up to or gives her opinion to. This already tells us that John is withholding his information as it is eight days since he heard Abigail tell him her actions were nothing to do with witchcraft. Therefore, it is used to represent the attitude of the time between sexes. From Literature Resource Center. I think that Elizabeth not being able to forgive John only makes the situation worse — and it makes both of them feel very guilty: John, for originally committing the sin, knowing that it would upset Elizabeth, and Elizabeth, for her continuous suspicions of John and her inability to move on from previous events. As she gets more agitated Danforth takes a sterner approach with her. In this play, a group of young teenagers would undermine the religious government and make a mockery of the Salem judicial system. All great drama has a context and here the background is the religious history of the New World at the end of the 17th century. In contrast, soon after, we see Elizabeth turning from him and standing with her back to him. Through this kiss he let Elizabeth know everything that he had been keeping in his heart during his time in jail in more. Most of all Miller explores the difference of relationships between now and then.

I think Miller has used this technique to show lack of communication between the 2 characters.

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