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5 strategies for responding to a persuasive essay

Still can't come up with an idea? Appeal to the reader's emotions. Rebuttal Arguments In a rebuttal argument, you build your case around refuting an idea or ideas that have come before. Cause and Effect: What is the cause? Focusing and emphasizing this reason in the last body paragraph of the essay would give this essay a strong emotional appeal. Transitions are important within the entire essay, but specifically within the main body of the work. This is why you have to do everything possible to garnish your argumentative paper with numerous stylistic devices. It makes you sound more credible and knowledgeable on the topic and therefore more believable. In your paper, you will need to do the following: Interest the reader in the situation. Would you like to get a subscription to our paper? And that is what your argumentative essay needs to make it less official-like and more reader-friendly. How important is it? Logos Logos refers to logic or reason in an argument.

This technique is effective because with it you communicate to your reader that you understand both sides of the issue. For example, you may be asked to take a stand on an issue you have been discussing in class. Example 3: from the TV violence topic Some believe that the current warning messages are enough, but excessive violence is still being shown.

However, the worth of many of these discoveries does not always come in the form of immediate monetary return. Rhetorical Question Rhetorical questions are not intended to be answered.

Repetition Another very important device that is used in the course of argumentative essays. In this example, you answered the question, "What can you do to make your marriage divorce-proof?

Kairos Kairos is the timeliness of your argument. Your reader will be less convinced because he or she will still have those questions in mind.

Use Logos, Pathos, and Ethos The most persuasive essays are ones that have sound logic logosappeal to the readers' emotions pathosand speak to their character or morals ethos.

Source 5 Types of Argument Claims 1. These salespersons are trained in how to "overcome objections. You make it look as if they have human feelings and behavior.

Example: The most important way to make your marriage divorce-proof is to make sure you have carefully prepared for that commitment. It is the concept of asking questions for the simple sake of making an effect, and not because you need an answer.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step