Should our tax dollar fund the

Find resources to challenge militarism, curb police power, strengthen nonviolent action and lift up community resilience! It creates the future workforce in other areas of government investment such as health care, the military, engineering, infrastructure and the arts.

The latter contains the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation and also covers programs that provide pension and disability benefits to certain small groups of private-sector workers. How much tax money does the federal government take in? Revenue from the tax has fallen from an average of 3.

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Nuclear weapons funding is: three times all funding for the National Science Foundation 0. Spending by the Federal government is divided into two categories: mandatory and discretionary. Illinois state spending can be broken down into several broad categories.

At the Afterschool Alliance, we believe 5 Cents Makes Sense—if you want the government to spend more of your dollar on afterschool programs, tell them today.

Taxpayers pay half as much to support our veterans by providing health care, income support and job training, among other benefits 5.

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Contact us for information or referral to a counselor near you. More than 2, federal, state and local organizations, including the Afterschool Alliance, signed an NDD United letter earlier this month calling on Congress and the president to "work together to protect NDD programs from further cuts and end sequestration.

And these programs reduced the depth of poverty for millions more, even when not bringing them above the poverty line.

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How Are Your Tax Dollars Used by the Federal Government?