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All of the characters stand out in their appearance, the way act and talk, which gives the entire movie a special flavor and keeps you from getting bored from characters. These achievements parallel the historical success of the real life Titans, making the movie akin to a historical fiction.

It shows the whites on one side and the blacks on the other, the characters are distanced as much as possible.

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The movie Remember the Titans was very inspiring especially because it is based on a true story. However, the movie depiction is not entirely accurate; Sheryl implies the segregation as official and that T. It talks about not only the games, but also racial conflicts, friendship and the significance of life. This was the same year that T. As they learn from each other, Boone and Yoast also learn from them and in turn, the whole town learns from the team, the Titans. One film technique used to help shape understanding of the setting was screen texts. Some might find it over-dramatic but in reality, it portrays history with the right balance of emotions, reality, and drama. I have seen the movie many times, but I never looked at it from a management perspective.

Gerry, being the main character undergoes the most change and life-changing events. It shows the injustice, lack of tolerance, racism back in the day, and what people had to go through because of the immense haterade.

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It was in when the school board forced the people to combine the white schools and the black schools in to one called. During the film you see many other characters go through a change in perspective and a change in self.

In the first half of the movie they are used to show the distance between the two groups, the scene where the coaches are eating at the same table is an example.

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Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia was chosen to become the consolidated city public high school to incorporate the previously somewhat racially segregated high schools in the city, setting the stage for drama both on the field and in the community. In Remember the Titans Bertier is injured prior to the championship game and the Titans are forced to play their biggest game of the year without their star player and defensive captain. In Remember the Titans Gerry Bertier develops as a character into one of the heroes of the story albeit a tragic hero. It is confirmed by a former student interviewed that the football team did in fact help bring the community together Merron. If we are to ever overcome the misguided beliefs we gain from our parents we need a very good explanation of why we should believe another way. Although he has assistant coaches, such as Bill Yoast who is the defensive coordinator, all the decisions must go through Coach Boone first. This is very important as it helps the viewer to understand that racial tension and discrimination can be over come. The movie shows the desegregation of the schools in Alexandra and specifically follows the story of their football team. The story goes like that: in the early s, two schools in Alexandria Virginia integrate forming T.

While it cannot be found out for …show more content… He also has a high expectancy of his team. Racism in the film is overcome by the efforts and open minds of a few that lead the way for the rest of the team and community.

They could not be killed, and thus they were invincible.

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This time in history, the T. The team struggled for two main reasons; having to play with people of different skin color, and having a new coach who wants them to accomplish nothing less than perfection….

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