Regions bank personal financial statement forms

Some of them will roll into part of the consolidated company restructuring charge. Now these guys are still four or five steps ahead of us in development of a sales culture.

On slide 14, you mentioned the 7 percent market share in Florida. We like those markets. Jackie Reeves: Just a few follow-up questions [inaudible] growth market. On slide 4 for those of you following this on a Web cast you will see that we have three or four strategies.

Ed Najarian: First question is, will Union Planters still take the restructuring charge they previously outlined a few weeks ago and go through that restructuring process ahead of the merger?

Carl Jones: We have time for just a couple more questions.

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Question No. Into reflect its growth into a regional company, First Alabama Bancshares changed its name to Regions Financial Corporation and the name of its banking subsidiary to Regions Bank.

We are indeed creating a new regional force in banking and financial services.

Regions bank personal financial statement forms

Is that factored into the pro forma numbers that you presented? On page 23, we have provided some detail on our estimated cost savings and our restructuring cost. Within our plan on a preliminary basis, we intend to focus more on the mortgage opportunities within our new expanded footprint. Just to follow-up quickly. Allen Morgan: Thank you, Jack. Carl Jones: I want to leave some time for questions and answers but I do have a few closing comments. We feel like our balance sheets will continue to perform very very well in the face of rising rates. Jason Goldberg: A couple of questions. Just the cost savings opportunities around the consolidation of those two entities.

Bryan Jordan: Jackie, this is Bryan. The CDI estimate is about 1.

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We think we can extract some synergies from overlapping business lines. So it really fits very well together for the Midsouth markets and the perimeter growth markets that we have there. And overlap is just very minimal. And as you can see from the chart, we do have that number one market position in these core markets. And finally we will do this integration in a very intelligent and careful manner by focusing on our customers, our associates and the communities that we serve. On page 22, we have presented pro forma estimates of after-tax earnings and earnings per share. Just to follow-up quickly. Can you talk about the plan going forward to overlay your sales culture on the UPC franchise? There is a tremendous amount of efficiency opportunities within this business.

So we will have a very dominant presence in the Midsouth. Jack and I have known each other for a long time.

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