Essay on higher education in bihar

People keep girls in the housework. These all steps begins at home when you try to educate the youth. Higher education in Bihar Bihar capital Patna has emerged as centre for higher education offering courses in technology, medicine, management, law and fashion.

In my study with Priya Ranjan, we look at the state of education in Bihar and analyse the policies of the Bihar government. As far as primary education or Education till 12th grade is concerned, Bihar is the best place to study. Bihar has Of six million teaching positions in government schools nationwide, about 9,00, elementary school teaching positions and 1,00, in secondary school — put together, a million — are vacant, as IndiaSpend reported last month according to an answer given in the Lok Sabha lower house of Parliament.

Looking beyond the statistics, education can equip people with the tools for a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

bad education of bihar

Candidate's body language, her technical skills, and education are considered as Criteria of the selection. Just looking at economic output, education contributes to growth by increasing the level of human capital of the workforce—as India has discovered in the IT sector. Hence, there would be creation of many opportunities for small business owners and young entrepreneurs.

Here big corporations and large corporate houses are openly open and grant or advertise to government schools, even in India this thing has to be encouraged.

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