Colin ferguson and the lirr massacre

With a train full of wounded survivors and traumatized onlookers accusing him, Ferguson's claim was clearly either a delusion or a lie.

But in America, he felt he was treated as nothing. Stating that he was still suffering from pain, he met with a Manhattan attorney, Lauren Abramson, about filing another lawsuit.

And as Nassau Det.

1993 long island rail road shooting colin ferguson

Updated January 04, On Dec. Ferguson's family, including four brothers, lived in a two-story home with a nanny and a housekeeper in the Kingston suburb of Havendale. When the law firm rejected the case, Ferguson accused members of the firm of discrimination. At the trial, Giugliano confronted Ferguson, who was allowed to defend himself after dismissing his legal defenders because they wanted him to claim insanity. Opening statements in the trial began on January 26, , in Mineola, New York. Ferguson continued to claim he was not involved in the shootings and proposed defending himself during the trial. He was held down for several minutes. Ferguson suffered a broken nose and a swollen left eye. Belfi strongly advised Ferguson against defending himself, but Ferguson said he intended to defend himself. LIRR officials responded by noting that the rate of crime against passengers had dropped over the past few years before the shooting. Su , who had information concerning a conspiracy against him. Chief Joseph Flynn of the Long Island Rail Road police said, "This was the work of a deranged, maniacal person who for a variety of reasons decided to explode. Trial and Incarceration Ferguson at his trial Anthony J. Furthermore, because the defendant was considered legally sane, Judge Belfi was required to provide the indigent Ferguson with county funds to pay for a private investigator to find "the real killer.

To put the victims through that is ridiculous. When I suffered and screamed I was told that it was a good sign by the prison guards because they were hoping for my swift departure from life. Reichman said Ferguson's assertions were "vague and somewhat evasive," in contrast to the normally detailed and highly focused nature of systematized paranoid delusional thinking.

Ferguson also argued that the indictment against him contained 93 counts only because the shootings occurred in Ferguson then decided to act as his own attorney, against the advice of his lawyers and Nassau County District Judge Donald Belfi.

Colin ferguson and the lirr massacre

Although Ferguson dismissed Kunstler and Kuby, he continued to telephone them for advice. When Belfi ended the proceeding, Ferguson tried to continue talking. He received years and eight months to life, meaning his current earliest possible parole date is August 6, Long Island commuter train leaving Pennsylvania Station for Hicksville. He defended himself in court claiming his acts were the effects of an alleged psychiatric condition named "black rage". Among the defense witnesses Ferguson requested was President Bill Clinton. Months later, he made threatening calls to members of the firm, claiming that they were discriminating against him.

In February he was taking the subway when a woman attempted to sit in an empty seat beside him. The man with the gun was Colin Ferguson, 36, a well-educated, unemployed immigrant from an upper middle-class Jamaican family.

Neighbors said that he dressed very neatly but kept to himself and rarely smiled or spoke to anybody, except occasionally to say hello.

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LIRR Train Car Where Colin Ferguson Killed 6 Still in Service