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But Stowe was unprepared for the adulation that greeted her on the Liverpool dock that spring day. Of course, the dominant theme of slavery woven throughout the novel makes for a deeply disturbing lesson in the History of not just the USA but also of the world.

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Several other characters are brought in as well to share their stories. He encourages Cassy to escape, which she does, taking Emmeline with her.

Beecher committed Frederick to a nearby facility that specialized in the water cure, a midth-century form of therapy that was used to cure depression, alcoholism and various physical maladies. Her husband and brother helped sheltered a man and helped along the informal underground railroad.

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Library of Congress, Washington, D. And there was theater. They are sold and the novel then follows their journey and the characters they meet. Shelby discussing plans to sell Tom and Harry, Eliza determines to run away with her son. In order to create Tom Loker and Simon Legree she had to feel what it was like to be them, to let them, as well as the horrors of slavery, enter into her consciousness.

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Stowe's personal letters touching on issues of motherhood. After James G.

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When I came to get into the hack [carriage] it was surrounded by more faces than I could count. He supported Harriet in her literary career, famously telling her when she was on the verge of publishing her first collection of stories, "My dear, you must be a literary woman. A number of other editions were soon printed including a deluxe edition in , featuring illustrations by Billings. She argues against the institution of slavery yet, at least initially, feels repulsed by the slaves as individuals. Before she dies she experiences a vision of heaven , which she shares with the people around her. House of Representatives. Back in New Orleans , St. As for Frederick himself, his problem was alcohol, a common enough vice in the midth century.

But Frederick disappeared before boarding any ship. One of the most pervading themes of the book is faith, most importantly its inability to be shaken.

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Uncle Tom's Cabin