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India has a score of 40 on the uncertainty avoidance index, which is relatively low and reflects their patience, but also the absence of taking action or initiative Hofstede, Time tends to become more monochronic along with industrialisation Overgaard, The work relation between an employer and employee is one of expectations based on expectations — almost familial protection by the employer and loyalty by the employee Hofstede, It is the traditional way of greeting gesture in which the palms of both hands are brought together before the face or chest and the person bows down a little bit denoting the respect.

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The conflict of both traits will affect our project in a very peculiar way, where the biggest issues might arise when two cultures from opposite sides of the value dimension work together in negotiations, decision-making and motivation Hampden-Turner, Trompenaars, When cooperating with Indians, it will be very important to adapt ourselves and take into account their way of managing time Hampden-Turner, Trompenaars, It is said that if one faces these directions for worshiping the deity, he or she is exposed to a huge plethora of positive energy which imparts mental peace and healing impact on the body to keep the person healthy.

This prepares Germany for the future.

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This is considered essentially in the federal republic of Germany. Moreover the proceeded industrialisation dilated the gap between rich and poor countries.

Relationships and nepotism form the base for decisions about promotions and hiring. At the time of starting its journey in a new country like India, the best approach a firm can adopt is to accept major issues involved with culture and values. Thus subordinates and superiors have equal rights.

Color drenched Gopis during the Holi celebrations in Krishna Temple, Mathura The Navaratri festival is an occasion of classical and folk dance performances at Hindu temples.

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Dimensions of Indian culture, core cultural values and marketing implications